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Is Insurance Coverage Available for Trade Secret Litigation?

An accomplished employee leaves to start her own business, and rapidly succeeds in attracting customers. Although California favors employee mobility, she and her new company are sued by her former employee for trade secret misappropriation. As the employee and her company face the immediate threat of a motion for preliminary injunction and temporary restraining order, the potential of insurance coverage to defend against the action may be overlooked.

Q & A: Why is Trial Experience Important?

There is an important distinction between litigators and trial lawyers. As upwards of 90% of all civil cases in California settle, attorneys often go decades without actually trying a case before a jury. The Louderback Law Group has over thirty years of trial experience and has achieved resounding success at trial in courtrooms throughout California. This trial experience is a tremendous asset for our clients during pre-litigation, settlement negotiations and at trial.

Social Media as Evidence: Why You Want it, How You Can Use it, and How to Get it

In this new age of social media prevalence, the content stored on sites, such as Facebook, should be coveted by litigants as sources of information that might pertain to the issues in their lawsuit. This article will discuss examples of how social media content is being used and admitted as evidence in litigation and some useful archiving tools that will help lawyers discover social media data.

The Value Of Trial Experience In Trade Secret Litigation

A recent victory by the Louderback Law Group exemplifies the importance of trial experience. It bears mentioning that while our trial experience was instrumental in achieving an excellent result for our clients, this matter never proceeded to trial...