Q & A: Why is Trial Experience Important?

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Q & A: Why is Trial Experience Important?

Lawyers across California are apt to describe themselves as seasoned litigators.  However, with all due respect to our colleagues in the Bar, the truth is that most attorneys do not actually have significant trial experience. 

There is an important distinction between litigators and trial lawyers.  As upwards of 90% of all civil cases in California settle, attorneys often go decades without actually trying a case before a jury.  The Louderback Law Group has over thirty years of trial experience and has achieved resounding success at trial in courtrooms throughout California.  This trial experience is a tremendous asset for our clients during pre-litigation, settlement negotiations and at trial.

Why is trial experience important during pre-litigation?


While it may seem counterintuitive, the immeasurable value of the Louderback Law Group’s trial experience is repeatedly highlighted during the pre-litigation stage.  Our clients frequently retain us when they have either been threatened with a lawsuit or are concerned that litigation may be imminent.  In these circumstances, the clients’ overarching objective is often to avoid the stress, cost and uncertainty attendant to litigation. 

During the pre-litigation stage, our extensive trial experience allows us to provide an accurate analysis of the potential exposure without the benefit of discovery.   We communicate with the opposing side to dispute liability or challenge their valuation of the damages. 

Often times, it is what remains unsaid that has the most influence on our opponents.   We let our extensive trial experience and success speak for itself.   Our reputation tends to leave opposing counsel hesitant to actually file a lawsuit to avoid having to face off with our experienced trial team in court.


Why is trial experience important during settlement negotiations?

Trial experience is critical during settlement negotiations.  When it is in our clients’ best interests, our firm will utilize various alternative dispute resolution services, including mediation and judicial arbitration, to try to reach a settlement.  Our trial experience gives us instant credibility at the negotiating table.  Our opponents know that we are prepared to take a case to trial if an acceptable settlement cannot be reached.   This dynamic allows us to dictate settlement terms to obtain favorable results for our clients.  Frequently, it is the quality and breadth of our trial experience that puts us in a position to obtain highly favorable settlements and avoid the costs of trial. 


Why is experience Important at the time of trial?

Trial is a high-stakes and fast-paced environment that is fraught with uncertainties and potential pitfalls.  The value of an experienced trial attorney to protect your interests during trial cannot be overstated.  After successfully trying a wide range of cases in state and federal courts throughout California, Charles Louderback has seen it all when it comes to trial.  This gives him and the rest of our trial team a unique advantage which allows us to stay one step ahead of our opponent at trial. 

Mr. Louderback is able to connect with jurors and deliver a compelling presentation of our client’s case.  Our litigation team is able to effectively utilize our command of the rules of evidence to introduce evidence favorable to our clients, while precluding the admission of evidence that is offered by our opponents.  We effectively utilize expert witnesses to demonstrate complex liability and damages concepts to the jury.  Through years of trial experience, the Louderback Law Group has developed a trial methodology that consistently gets positive results.